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The payrolling is a service that enables companies to have in a timely manner the metrics related to the payroll and tax determination.We offer this service either from our offices or as an in-house service.

Invest your company's time in its business goals, talent development and process improvement. Leave the payroll to us.


Scope of service

Specialized staff in payroll preparation..
Entries and exits of employees to the IMSS.
Creation of individual work contracts.
Creation of control of attendance reports.

Files, formats and proceedings.

Fiscal stamping of payroll receipts.
Creation of files (bank dispersion layouts).
Creation of accounting payroll policy file.
Creation of disc of employer registrations.

Certainty in the calculation

Calculation and report of ordinary payroll, extraordinary payroll, severance payments and settlements.
Calculation of employer's contributions, disability control and Infonavit.
Calculation of state tax and income tax.

Quality in the results

Biometric fingerprint clock.
Web portal for payroll receipt consultation.


Calculation of payroll and social security and state taxes in a timely manner
Savings on fines and surcharges due to erroneous and outdated calculations
Assistance of trained and experienced payroll specialists
Savings in the hiring and training of in-house personnel for social security and labor debt payments
No need to invest in technological infrastructure and payroll software licensing
Backup, security, availability and confidentiality of information stored on Cloud servers with high certification standards
Systematized attention for you and your co-workers through our web portal and mobile App.
Preparation and calculation of your payroll using our ERP system specialized in payroll and social security.

Operation Process

Implementation Process

Payrolling as
you need it


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